[Livro] The Smart Girls Guide To Privacy

The smart girl’s guide to privacy

Practical tips for staying safe online


Social media, online dating, photo sharing, mobile apps, and more can make a modern girl’s social life a dream—or a nightmare. When you just want to feel connected to friends, family, and romance, the last things you want to deal with are potential dangers like identity theft, online stalking, corporate information sharing, or revenge porn. For many women, getting control of their online privacy is confusing,
overwhelming, and stressful.

This book is packed with some serious self-defense moves. It’s designed to help you get organized so you can navigate the chaotic landscape of online privacy. In these pages you’ll find a guide to making sure you don’t share too much. You’ll
learn how to look good to potential employers (or potential dates) and safeguard your privacy from sleazy marketers, unethical megacorporations, scammers, stalkers, bullshit artists, and anyone who wants to silence women online. And it does all this without making you feel judged, paranoid, or like a total newbie.